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Takeru (Ootori Takeru / Takeru Densetsu Haoua) is a Japanese comic book written by Yuzuru Shimazaki.
It was published in Weekly Shonen Magazine Comics Kodansha
in 20 books from 1992 to 1995.

The story is set in feudal Japan in an era of conflictby by between the provinces.The manga tells the story of Ootori Takeru, a young noble, who sees his world crumble when their home is invaded and conquered by Meike. Meike kidnaps Shiori's sister Takeru, torture his father and tries to kill Takeru. In an act of mercy, Takeru kills own father with an arrow in his heart. Burn the castle and escapes Takeru continues with the story along with his guardian, Gai, traveling to other provinces garnering allies against Meike.



The manga is Takeru a great story with fantastic and beautiful designs. I could not stop to share with you this great manga.


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